Friday, February 10, 2012


Day 1- Kobe

I spent the first day exploring the city of Kobe. We found a local temple, ate lunch with a local who bought our noodle soup. (try eating soup with chopsticks!)
The soup counter where we were treated to lunch

then we finally found flower road. the street is lined with flowers and there is a huge flower clock. it is right by a park with beautiful scenery and memorial. my friends i spent a lot of time walking around that park.

when it turned night, we went to the town of the city hall building where they have a lookout. it was really awesome to see the city lit up with our ship lights among the twinkling. we then ventured outward and walked all the way to Kobe tower and the boardwalk with the carousel. it was such beautiful sight at night.

DAY 2- in Kobe i participated in a FDP for my Poetry workshop class. We visited the Naruto whirlpools which are naturally occurring whirlpools where two very strong currents are forcing through a small channel against each other. we went at the peak of the day when the tide was turning. The naruto whirlpools is a place where japans people dream of going for spiritual reasons. to get to see them in person was incredible. we were given an mp3 headset to guide us along the bride and tour and there were glass floor windows to look through the bridge into the whirlpools. The point of the FDP was to inspire us to write a poem.

i am linking a youtube video i found of a naruto whirlpool, both under the bridge and a view from the top.

*all photos used were taken by Jessica Omasta

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