Friday, February 10, 2012

HAWAII/ Thanksgiving

The day before thanksgiving, the ships crew gave us a thanksgiving dinner. my group of friends and i got dressed up and went. it was really nice but nothing like being home with the family.

We docked in hawaii that night but we weren't allowed off the ship for customs reasons. it was a teases, but the next morning we were allowed off early. My friends Audrey, Jess, Beijuie, Emily v., and i started our day by walking to a local farmers market. we each bought a fresh fruit, like bananas pineapples and mangos.

Our next stop was mcdonalds... but the purpose was wifi connection to the world (and one friend had to register for class).

Finally we made our way to a black sand beach. the black sand is crushed up lava rocks from the nearby volcanoes. it was beautiful.

Even though the day was slightly overcast, we ate our "friendship fruit salad", climbed on the rocks, played in the water and even swam with giant sea turtles.

there were 5 sea turtles relaxing among the rocks in pools of water. it was a very cool experience to swim in the same water as them. By far a thanksgiving to remember!!!

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