Tuesday, February 14, 2012


originally our itinerary said we would visit cube, because of safety issues they then told us we would be visiting the island of Honduras called Roatan. We only had two days to explore so i tried to make the most of it. my friends Dianna, Causey (michael), Valleria, Gina and i booked a dolphin encounter with Anthony's Key resort. So, we took a taxi to the resort, paid then ventured down the beach because we had some time to burn.

we found a porch style restaurant that opened just for us. the owner came over and introduced himself and told us how he made a new life for himself after being successful and unhappy in the U.S.. We bought sweet potato fries and went out on the beach to, layer on the dock and enjoyed our drinks.

It was soon time to return to Anthony's. We took a small boat to the dolphin area where we got our gear and entered the water. we got to pet the dolphins, and watch their behaviors like jumps speed and showing off. At the end of that we took pictures with the dolphins, holding them and getting kisses. For the second half hour we put on our snorkel and flippers and joined the dolphins in their recess time. COOLEST EXPERIENCE!

After our dolphin encounter we went to the house that us and 20 of our friends rented out for the night. Once we got there we realized we had missed dinner so we decided to walk the shoreline into the town for dinner. long story short- the tide was too high and the rocks to slippery, so we headed inland.  We found another tourist, got ourselves a cab and him take us to his favorite restaurant. It was delicious and our ride was lots of fun (we listened to "mrs williams" a bunch of times). He picked us up when we finished dinner, took us back to the house and became our personal driver.

At the house i spent my night in the infinity pool on the deck overlooking the ocean. we all just hung out, reminisced enjoyed our last night in a port together. it was very bittersweet.

The next day was rainy and gross, so i spent the morning at the house, then our cab took us to a shopping area but nothing was open, so we were stranded for a bit. Finally we got a cab driver and he took us to the port where we spent some time doing last minute shopping.

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