Friday, February 10, 2012


My first day in china was spent in Hong Kong at the Mai Po Marshes. It was a FDP (field directed practica) for my marine biology class with Dr. B. The park was a beautifully reserved piece of land, unable to be touched by the closely approaching city that keeps getting larger. We spent our day watching birds from different look out towers and discussing how they are a part of the marine world. we then went to the wetland marsh area and saw mudskippers and crab in their habitat among the muddy mangrove roots. The thing i really love about semester at sea is that all of my classes taught me things i would have never explored, and then the professors connected the subject material to the countries we were visiting and brought us to actually witness the first hand.

(i wish that i had pictures to share with you but the next day my camera go lost/stolen/misplaced, and i hadn't downloaded them)

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