Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well so much has happened since the last time i posted i figured i would leave an update.

As for those scholarships i mentioned...
those are the ones i was waiting to hear about from SAS, i was also fortunate to receive more financial aide and scholarships from Hartford.

I also went to the doctor and got all of my paperwork filled out and sent in. This included getting fie different shots. OUCH it was definitely not easy going to work the next day feeling nauseous.

speaking of work, not only am i hostessing to make a few extra bucks, I have also started to waitress. It was stressful at first but i am beginning to enjoy it :)

I booked my plane tickets home from Florida two nights ago and started packing! Two large duffels on wheels to fit the next three and a half months of my life into. its not going to be easy but i love packing, it makes everything feel so real and i am seriously getting excited. I leave the states on the 25th and it is approaching fast! i plan on making the most of my last couple of weeks of summer. going to VT with some of my best friends for an OAR concert and some much needed girl talk, then a day at the water park and right before i leave i plan on spending my birthday with everyone at school :)

thats all for now.... ill keep you posted!

ps i recieved my visas awhile back which was really exciting!

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